Photo: WWE

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has started a petition in hopes of getting himself a spot in the 2014 Royal Rumble. He announced in April that he wanted a spot in the Royal Rumble and has said that Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga have changed his life. The petition which is directed at WWE talent relations reads as follows:

“Jake has given the fans so much of himself in the ring over the course of his decades spent in the business, let’s give back to him and show our appreciation by voicing our support for the next stage in his journey!” the petition states. “Let’s show WWE that we fans want to see this. Send your mail to WWE, post about this on every kind of social network imaginable, tell your friends and their friends, AND SIGN THIS PETITION! Let’s show WWE that we won’t shut up until Jake Roberts is in the Royal Rumble!”

It’s being said that WWE is aware of the petition but they have no plans to use him as of right now.