Anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling, and from time to time fans cross the barricade when they’re not supposed to.

During the Big Time Wrestling event in Salinas, California last weekend, that’s exactly what happened when a fan came out of the audience to attack one of the wrestlers as he was making his entrance.

As Devin Danger was making his way to the ring, he stopped and extended his hand to a young girl. As the girl was reaching out for a handshake, he pulled his hand back, then spit his gum out and it hit her.

The father of the child then went right after Danger and he proceeded to pummel him before they were pulled apart. You can check out a clip of the exchange below.

According to Devin Danger, the incident was all a big misunderstanding, and the gum was never meant to hit the girl. He commented on the exchange on Twitter and noted that he apologized to the father and his daughter on the night of the incident, and he’s truly sorry.