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Baron Corbin is a WWE Superstar with a lot of intrigue. Not only is he playing a great heel on television drawing heat from the WWE Universe, but apparently, he also draws a considerable amount of heat backstage.

When Corbin dropped the Money In The Bank briefcase without coming away with a title most thought it was strange. But The Lone Wolf pressed on and is now in a heated rivalry with AJ Styles.

It was previously reported how Baron Corbin got some backstage heat after an incident with Dr. Joseph Maroon which would have caused most Superstars to lose their jobs. It was reported in a previous issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter the only reason Corbin kept his job was because Vince McMahon likes him. The most recent edition of The Observer gives us, even more, details on this situation.

Apparently, the reports about Baron Corbin interrupting a meeting were true. This incident occurred in early August when Dr. Maroon was holding a backstage meeting about concussions.

Maroon was reportedly downplaying the link between concussions and CTE and that upset The Lone Wolf. Baron Corbin started arguing with him after that and accused the doctor of “being the guy who covered up and denied the CTE story and link to football.” Corbin’s comments were concerning the portrayal of Maroon in the film “Concussions.”

Even though it was said the movie Baron was referring to got Dr. Maroon’s character wrong, it was still brought up and fired at him. Reports are the argument was “uncomfortable to watch” although Baron Corbin was said to appear very informed about the subject matter. The overall thinking was if Baron Corbin did, in fact, have any questions regarding what Dr. Maroon was talking about he should have reserved them for a more private conversation.

It was also revealed during the concussion Baron Corbin was one of the players involved in a concussion lawsuit against the NFL. Apparently, WWE wasn’t aware of that fact until earlier August.

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  1. I find it funny that Baron Corbin gets heat backstage because of something that is real and that he has had to deal with in the NFL. When people are passionate about something and others disagree, arguments will ensue. If others are uncomfortable, good. They should be. That is a normal reaction. Remember this well though; the WWE is the company that downplayed CM Punk’s accusations that their medical staff was shady. Do you really think that the NFL doesn’t have the same issue??? I applaud Baron Corbin for standing up for his position. This is what everyone should do. Leaders and champions don’t back down @BaronCorbinWWE @CMPunk @WW