Some people are allowed to keep their names when they leave WWE but others have to give them up. Although it might be fun to try and guess what name a former WWE worker will take when he jumps to the indies, sometimes a wrestler gets to keep his gimmick. Although it might not make much sense, perhaps we are just overthinking things again.

Hurricane Helms recently sat down with Lance Storm and Cyrus for a fantastic talk on Killing The Town where he shed some light on why he thinks he was able to keep his superhero persona even after he departed from WWE.

Lance Storm started off the conversation by asking Hurricane Helms if WWE just didn’t mind whether he used the name as long as he’s not on anyone else’s television show with the gimmick.

“Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it,” Hurricane said. “You know I didn’t go out on any bad terms. You know, I left on good terms and I never went on one of these tirades where I just bashed everybody for no reason. I didn’t have anything bad to say either, you know? If I had bad things to say I definitely would have said them. I don’t think that anybody thinks I’m a guy that holds back. I didn’t have a lot of bad things to say about them so it wasn’t a problem.”

“And I changed my gear up just a bit.” Helms continued, “I don’t use their logo which was the ‘H’ with the fins, you know? I put my own logo, my own spin on it and I go by Hurricane Helms instead of The Hurricane. You know so, there’s ways to get around it but I think the big part was that I just wasn’t a d-ck and got out there and blasted Vince every chance I got.”

Sometimes people should give more credit to old phrases like “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” and “don’t be a d-ck.”

Credit for the quotes goes to Killing The Town with Storm and Cyrus and for the transcription