It’s been years since Carlito parted ways with WWE. Every so often rumors of his return seem to make the rounds, but none of those rumors have come to fruition yet.

During his run with WWE, Carlito worked with some of the top names in the business and he managed to win the US Title, the Intercontinental Title and the Tag Team Titles.

Bruce Prichard discussed Carlito’s WWE run during a recent episode of Something to Wrestle With, and he noted that Vince McMahon liked Carloti, and he loved his gimmick.

“Vince liked Carlito,” Prichard said via Wrestling Inc. “Vince was a big fan of his going all the way back… he loved his gimmick. It was one of his gimmicks that he helped come up with, the whole “Carlito Cool man, you’re not cool”, and spitting the apples. He loved the gimmick. And he liked Carlito, being a second generation wrestler. So it was somebody overall that he really liked. He enjoyed working with him.”

Even though Carlito got some big opportunities during his time with WWE, he didn’t quite managed to solidify himself as a main event Superstar.

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