We’re currently on the road to WrestleMania 40 and the card for the big event is starting to come together. Gunther has made history since last year’s WrestleMania as he became the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, and everyone is wondering who will end up challenging him for his title on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

In recent months it was reported that Gunther vs. Brock Lesnar was the plan for WrestleMania 40, but that idea was dropped when Brock Lesnar was pulled from TV due to the Vince McMahon lawsuit. During a recent interview with GV Wire, Gunther commented on his mindset going into WrestleMania and he also addressed Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE.

“People want to challenge me for the championship. And that’s just the mindset I have when it comes to that right now. I’m not really stressed about who am I going to face at WrestleMania.”

“I always was vocal about my dream match in the past, but that fell through now. I don’t know if we’ll see Brock again if that’s ever going to happen, but I’m wide open when it comes to that as of now.”

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