Goldberg has been in the professional wrestling business for decades now, but it was his 173-0 winning streak that put him on the map in World Championship Wrestling. The Hall of Famer dominated the competition for some time, but his undefeated streak came to an end when he faced Kevin Nash at Starrcade in 1998.

The main event saw Goldberg defend the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Kevin Nash, and Nash ended up picking up the win after Scott Hall interfered and attacked Goldberg with a cattle prod.

Goldberg recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about the match that ended his streak, and he noted that he wanted to use a different type of cattle prod in the match.

“There is one thing I wanted to do differently. I wanted the cattle prod to be a different one. I wanted it to be the one that shot out and stuck into you and lit you up. I was told no, we couldn’t do that. Maybe I was being unrealistic, but I thought that was going to be the coolest thing ever.”

Goldberg also once again confirmed that he has one match left on his WWE contract, but it’s not clear when the former Universal Champion could be returning. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.