Goldberg recently made his surprise return to WWE Monday Night Raw and he signed a contract to set up a match with Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

Ziggler was just as cocky as he’s ever been as he cut a promo before the match, but after Goldberg entered the ring he made short work of Dolph Ziggler.

The Toronto crowd was clearly behind Goldberg before the bell even rang, but it was Ziggler who fired the first shot as he hit the WWE Hall of Famer with two superkicks, but he kicked out of both.

As Ziggler went for a third superkick the momentum shifted when Goldberg countered with a spear and the crowd loudly chanted his name.

Goldberg then delivered the Jackhammer and put Ziggler away for the win.

After the match Goldberg made his way up the ramp, and Dolph Ziggler got on the mic and told Golberg that it felt like he was hit by a little baby.

Goldberg then got back in the ring and delivered one more spear before leaving.

Ziggler got back on the mic one more time and said he will never be defeated, and he’s the best thing in this business. Goldberg slapped the mic out of his hand then pulled Ziggler’s lifeless body up.

He patted him on the shoulder then hit the ropes for another spear and left again.