JBL has been viewed as a controversial wrestler throughout his career as numerous people have accused the former WWE Champion of being a bully. Bradshaw seemingly earned his reputation, but it seems that there was at least one wrestler who refused to tolerate his antics during the Attitude Era.

During a recent episode of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE star Val Venis recalled an incident where JBL taunted Steve Blackman, and Blackman responded with violence after warning JBL several times.

“There was one of the most memorable ones for me in WWE was the one where- it was the night Owen passed, and it was Bradshaw and Blackman. And Bradshaw had been poking Blackman for a long time at this point. Y’know, sticking his thumb up is a**… Blackman, not really a guy you wanna mess with, y’know?”

“And so we were getting off the plane, and I guess Blackman had told Bradshaw a few times, y’know, ‘don’t do that, don’t take your thumb and stick it up my a** again.’ and just warned him several times.”

“All I saw out of the corner of my eye was Blackman do a quick one-eighty and pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop. And i saw Bradshaw’s head go bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang.”

JBL recently returned to WWE programming to work as a manager for Baron Corbin. It’s expected that John Bradshaw Layfield will continue to make appearances on the Raw brand in the coming weeks.

H/T Sportskeeda