It seems that Alexa Bliss and The Fiend have gone their separate ways after Alexa Bliss turned on The Fiend at WrestleMania 37, but for months they were one of the most talked about duos in all of WWE.

Their act was intriguing to say the least, but it seems that one former WWE star felt that there was something missing when it came to their little group.

During a recent interview with Metro UK Chelsea Green talked about an idea she pitched for the group, and why she feels her Hot Mess character could have been a good fit.

“I was always trying to figure out a way to incorporate myself into that group because I felt like that was such an extension of the Hot Mess in so many different way. I felt the Hot Mess could fit in perfectly there! Then also, I do feel like that group, they’re so strong the two of them, but they’re almost missing that third person that can jump over to the women’s division.”

Chelsea Green went on to explain her vision for the trio, and how her addition could have impacted the women’s division.

“Alexa’s the puppeteer; The Fiend’s the men’s side, so why can’t they have a woman to take over to the women’s division, and then they’re taking over the entire show. Or then, Alexa has a tag partner – there’s just so many different ways to spin it. Lilly is so creepy, and I love it, and I just imagined myself with that hair, with that dress, with that makeup. I just could picture it the minute I saw it!”

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