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Nobody was ready for Asuka and then she lost at WrestleMania 34 and now it appears anybody could be ready for Asuka which is sad to think about. But let’s just hope Asuka’s losing ways don’t become too much of a trend. However, when Becky Lynch apologized to The Empress Of Tomorrow backstage after their match it seemed like everything was water under the bridge for the former NXT Women’s Champion like she loses all the time now.

Lynch kept walking backstage and then she ran into two familiar faces that she hasn’t seen in a long time because they’ve been on Raw. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville weren’t on the Superstar Shake-Up episode of SmackDown Live because they were headed to South Africa and they weren’t on television this week either. But the two were standing backstage in an online exclusive talking back and forth to each other about The Lass Kicker like they didn’t even know she was there.

They discussed how embarrassing it is that Lynch cost Asuka her first match on SmackDown Live and wondered what happened to the woman who was the first-ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. This is when Becky Lynch had something to say and she didn’t mix words much because that’s not her style.

“I’ll side kick your head off, I’ll help you rearrange your face,” Becky finally snapped as a trainer had to hold her back after they said she was essentially just Charlotte Flair’s sidekick at this point.

The two Absolution members apologized to Lynch in a mocking fashion claiming they didn’t see her standing right next to them. It’s one thing if they’re off camera, after all, someone can just take one step and suddenly they’re in a different room on WWE television but Lynch, Rose, and Deville were all in the same shot.

Only time will tell how this escalates but I’m willing to bet Becky Lynch can’t wait to get in the ring with either new additions to the SmackDown Women’s Division to give them a proper welcoming. Also, since Asuka and Lynch seem to make a team recently and there are two heels in this equation it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see The Empress Of Tomorrow join this story eventually as well.