A few weeks ago All Elite Wrestling unveiled the AEW All Atlantic Championship belt, and on Sunday night Malakai Black, PAC, Miro and Clark Connors faced off in a fatal four way match at Forbidden Door with the title on the line.

The match featured a lot of back and forth action between all four of the competitors, but it was PAC who picked up the win and walked out with the gold.

At one point Malakai Black set up a table on the security barrier at ringside and Clark Connors speared Miro through it. Clark then took the fight to PAC and Malakai Black as the fans chanted, “let’s go Clark!”

The end of the match came when Miro threw Malakai Blacck and Clark Connors out of the ring then applied Game Over to PAC. Malakai Black spit black mist in the eyes of Miro, then he applied the cross armbreaker to Connors. PAC then hit the 450 splash on Black from the top rope and locked in the Brutalizer on Connors to make him tap.

PAC is now the first ever AEW All Atlantic Champion.