finn balor

Everybody loves Finn Balor but The Demon is something special. Finn usually wrestles a great match and fans know they got their money’s worth. But when The Demon shows up it seems like Balor kicks it up a notch.

Although it might just be body paint for some to others it means Balor takes on a totally different character. When Finn was in the independent scene he wasn’t limited to just one design either. He would put on appearances resembling comic book characters and plenty of other amazing visual stylings.

Balor was recently asked about his amazing body paint and which one was his favorite. During his explanation, he revealed an amazing fact about one Demon design he never got the chance to pull off.

“Anti-Venom was pretty cool,” Balor said. “Joker was cool. But there was one I never got to do which I always wanted to do at an independent who. I was actually going to do it at my very last appearance — Silver Surfer.”

Just the thought of Finn Balor debuting a Demon Silver Surfer makes us geek out a lot. But Finn still has time left in his career so we’re crossing our fingers he will eventually get the chance to pull that one off. The first-ever Universal Champion went on to explain what kind of shenanigans The Silver Surfer Demon would have gotten into.

“I was going to do a Silver Surfer Demon and I thought that was gonna be so badass and I would come out on a Silver Surfer surfboard. And I was against Jimmy Havoc in Progress and I ended up doing a — I can’t remember what I done but I had this grand idea that I was gonna lay Jimmy Havoc out on a Silver surfboard and foot-stomp him through it at ringside. It never happened […] I’m not sure if I’m ever gonna be able to do it but that was gonna be my final hurrah.”