finn balor

During his time with NXT, Finn Balor was one of the brand’s top stars and he managed to capture the NXT Championship twice during his run.

Balor recently opened up about his time NXT during an interview with Mike Jones of DC 101, and he also praised two of NXT’s up and coming stars.

“NXT is something that is very close to my heart, I’ve spent my fondest years there, and something I keep an eye on still. Since I’ve left there, Velveteen Dream is doing amazing. Adam Cole is one to watch as well. He is doing some amazing stuff down there.”

On Sunday night, Finn Balor will have a chance to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and he also talked about how he’s preparing for the match.

“I’m gonna have to have eyes in the back of my head because you can’t trust Kevin Owens, you can’t trust Miz, Samoa Joe is just gonna come straight for ya. There’s a lot of tricky fellas in that match and anything could rally happen….I’ve been cleaning the gutters at my house, painting the roof, trying to get as much experience on a ladder as I can. (laughs). You know, there is no way of training… practicing for this. This is all potluck in my opinion. It’s seven other guys in the ring to bring ladders. I’m sure someone will introduce a table and a chair. There’s no rules at all. We’ll see what’s gonna happen.”