eric bischoff

Eric Bischoff may not be running a wrestling company at the moment, but fans can always tune into his 83 Weeks podcast and listen to Eric share some perspective on his time with WCW, WWE and TNA.

Bischoff also shares his opinions on the current state of professional wrestling, and he recently revealed which five talents would be his top picks if he were to hypothetically start a wrestling company.

“[MJF], Matt Riddle. I’d snatch Randy Orton in a heartbeat. Kenny Omega, got enough momentum. If you’re starting fresh, there’s a lot of talent in WWE, but I only get five. You’re looking at anchors and people you’re gonna be depending on for the next five or 10 years. I’m going Cody.”

The former Raw General Manager also praised the aforementioned names while talking about who he thinks could be the future top stars in the wrestling business.

“In AEW, I’m a huge fan of MJF. Anyone who follows me on social media probably knows that. He’s just an amazing young talent, and the fact that he’s as young as he is and as good as he is, I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. I dig him as a performer. This one will shock people maybe, but Matt Riddle. I’m kind of digging it. He’s different, and he’s good. He’s gonna get better and better and better. I love the Randy Orton and Matt Riddle combination. I don’t know if it’s long-term, but there’s a buddy cop moving that takes place in the ring. You’re talking about two different types of personalities that could really play well off of each other. The potential and entertainment for that combination is off the charts good. I dig Matt Riddle and think he’ll be one of the people I’ll be watching. So, right now, I’d say him and MJF. Cody Rhodes is doing a great job and has a lot of things going on. If he doesn’t get himself spread too thin and stays focused, I think Cody could emerge as one of the biggest names in the business.”