The Monday Night Wars era was an exciting time to be a wrestling fan as WWE went head to head with WCW each week and both companies did everything they could to get fans talking about their product. Eventually WWE won the war and purchased WCW which led to many familiar faces from World Championship Wrestling joining WWE.

Sting was one of the top names in WCW throughout his run with the company, but he did not join WWE immediately after WCW closed. Instead Sting waited until 2014 to finally sign with WWE and he only joined the promotion for a brief run.

During a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on Sting’s reasons for staying away from WWE for so long, and he explained why he wasn’t surprised by the path that Sting took.

“No. One of the things I really recall about him personally — and this was throughout my working relationship with Steve — Steve’s very guarded. I want to say he’s an introvert, but at least around the locker room, he was very guarded. Didn’t really talk about it that much, to be honest with you.”

“But I wasn’t surprised because — I don’t want to speak for him — but because Sting was so guarded, I don’t want to say he didn’t trust people, but I don’t think he had a lot of confidence in how he would be used or utilized in WWE. Look, he had a couple conversations over the years with WWE, but he never pulled the trigger. I think it was because he just couldn’t get himself to trust the process, I guess, in WWE. He just didn’t feel comfortable, so it didn’t surprise me.”

After making his debut with WWE in 2014, Sting went on to wrestle a few matches for the company before getting inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016. During his Hall of Fame speech he announced his retirement from in-ring competition, but the former WCW Champion has since returned to the ring in AEW where he currently works.

H/T Wrestling Inc.