eric bischoff

Over the years Eric Bischoff has worked with a lot of talent, and he’s seen a lot of wrestlers come and go.

Bischoff still pays attention to what’s going on in the wrestling world, and during a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff noted that Dolph Ziggler is the WWE Superstar who stands out to him the most.

“Whenever I see Dolph [Ziggler], I believe. Part of it is because I know his background. He’s like Kurt Angle in the sense that he can be a very comedic character one minute, and he can be a believable badass if he needs to be the next. And I kind of dig that. To me that’s believable.”

Bichoff was also asked if Kevin Nash & Scott Hall receive royalties for NWO merchandise, and he said that while he doesn’t know for sure, he indicated that they probably don’t due to the way the deal is set up.

“I can’t tell you with any authority or honesty if Scott or Kevin, either of them or both of them receive a royalty on that. That’s their dealings or would be their dealings with WWE, and I have no inside knowledge about that. I personally I’ve heard that story before and I find it difficult to believe. That would have been a very rare exception on Vince McMahon’s part, because the NWO was not Scott Hall’s likeness, or Kevin Nash’s likeness, or Hulk Hogan’s. The NWO was a separate, distinct trademark that WWE acquired in their acquisition of WCW assets. So there would be no reason to share in a percentage of that, unless it was part of a negotiation that I don’t know about.”