eric bischoff

Diamond Dallas Page will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania weekend this year, but his inductor has yet to be chosen or revealed. Most people were assuming that the person in question would be someone like Jake Roberts or Scott Hall for obvious reasons.

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It’s a testament to the wrestling career and life that DDP has led that so many people are in consideration for the honor of introducing him during the ceremony. However, a controversial name has emerged as the frontrunner to induct DDP into the WWE Hall of Fame in Orlando.

Pro Wrestling Unlimited is reporting that Eric Bischoff could be the one to induct DDP into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s being said that Page is seeking out Eric Bischoff to do it himself. Page and Bischoff have a close friendship and a lot of history together, so Eric is a strong choice.

The WWE Universe will be interested to see Eric Bischoff make an appearance at the major event during WrestleMania weekend. The important thing is that Bischoff should have a few funny stories about DDP and his induction should be one of the highlights of the night.