Three years ago today on June 27th 2011 CM Punk changed everything. Armed with a microphone and a whole lot of grievances regarding his position in WWE, he set the wrestling world on fire. Although it only took him a few minutes to say what he needed to say, those few minutes have had a lasting legacy and those few minutes will be talked about for many years to come.

CM Punk was legitimately frustrated with WWE and he let the world know it. He pleaded for change and during the months that followed this promo that’s exactly what we got. This is the moment which is responsible for making CM Punk a household name and three years later, for better or worse, he’s one of the most talked about superstars in professional wrestling.

According to Punk he is now retired which means we may never see another promo or match from him ever again. He may never return to the WWE or wrestling in general and even if he never does it won’t matter. He may be gone but the legacy of this promo will live on forever.