enzo amore

A few months ago Enzo Amore was released from WWE after Philomena Sheahan accused him of sexual assault, but the case was recently dropped due to insufficient evidence.

On Monday, Enzo Amore released a track called “Phoenix” where he referenced the accusations, and he also met up with fans in Times Square to celebrate. Ringside News spoke to Philomena about her reaction to the music video and she had the following to say:

“He is a joke! Like wow, great statement Enzo!”

Sheahan also talked about her reaction to the case being closed.

“I actually posted about it the day it happened on Instagram. I explained how I felt and I explained how there was a big injustice on the judicial systems part. A bunch of his WWE fans reported the post and it’s taken down. There’s no words to describe what it feels like to know that the person that changed your life in such a traumatic way is going to get to walk away scott free.So many people thought I did it for different reasons. People thought I did it for money, people thought I did it for the 15 seconds of fame, which honestly,I don’t even care about.To have all of it over, with the law, to know that there is no more case, really hurts, its terrifying.”

As noted, Enzo Amore recently teased that he’ll be releasing more new music in the future.