After months of wondering what WWE will do with Enzo Amore once Big Cass is out of the picture fans finally got their answer. He went to 205 Live where Enzo not only seemed more at home in a match with people his size, but he also got to work outside of “The Land Of The Giants.”

True, WWE’s main roster isn’t the big man showcase it used to be but Enzo is no Finn Balor either. Amore needs to be highlighted and even though he might not be the best wrestler on 205 Live, he’s certainly one of the best talkers. In fact, he might just be the best microphone worker in the Cruiserweight Division (as if there’s any debate at this point). They don’t call him Smacktalker Skywalker for nothing.

Enzo took part in a six-man tag match and he was featured heavily during the contest. He needed to be featured if he’s going to be a legit contender for Neville’s Cruiserweight Championship. It is no longer a time for Enzo to sit on the apron and watch Big Cass do all the in-ring work anymore. He’s on 205 Live now so Amore has to participate in a much bigger way.

The crowd was into Enzo and gave him the biggest pop of 205 Live to let us know there were people in the building after SmackDown Live went off the air. Enzo and his partners Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik used their tandem abilities well and the match saw them pull off the win over Noam Dar, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak.

But in the end, Enzo actually cheated to attain victory. He hit the Jord-Enzo but still felt the need to throw his feet on the middle ropes for leverage to ensure a pin fall. Even though they might have won using somewhat nefarious means, the babyfaces still celebrated the win nonetheless.

By the way, Enzo’s officially working on an undefeated streak in the Cruiserweight Division now. He also called Drew Gulak “Captain Underpants” during his promo before the match. So that’s fun too.