enzo amore

Where Enzo Amore goes controversy follows, and the former WWE Superstar got a lot of people talking when he got into an altercation with Joey Janela at a Blink-182 concert.

Joey Janela claimed that after he introduced himself to Enzo at the concert, and then they had the “sh**iest fist fight of the year.”

While Enzo claimed that he slapped Janela’s hands, then put his own hands up and acted as if he wanted to fight while the AEW star backed away.

Amore has now released video of the confrontation, which can be seen below, and it shows him stepping up to Janela in a crowded area.

Since his WWE release Enzo Amore has tried several different interesting tactics to get attention. It’s interesting to note he tagged Janela in the post, but according to Joey Janela the incident was not a work.