Even before Enzo Amore’s WWE release, there was talk about him wanting to be a rapper. It was actually reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Realest Guy In The Room was telling people that he was looking at becoming a professional rapper sooner than later. His raspy voice and unique play on words certainly seemed to fit the bill.

Then Enzo Amore’s career as a WWE Superstar was seemingly yanked out from under him because a woman came forward and accused Enzo Amore of rape in a Phoenix hotel room. WWE released Enzo, who was the Cruiserweight Champion at the time and vacated that title until the WrestleMania kickoff show.

Now the allegations have been proven as not substantial enough to carry on with an investigation and the Phoenix Police Department have dropped the case. Enzo Amore is in the clear and is a very happy camper.

Enzo is speaking out now under his new moniker “Real1,” and he’s not holding anything back in a new rap video.

Not distancing himself from the allegations, he takes them head-on in his new song “Phoenix” understandably titled after the city where all of this allegedly went down.

“Lyin ass hoe out in Phoenix when I say this sh-t I mean it,” Real1 rapped in the new song. “F-ck you marks and haters. This is what all my fans are waiting entertainment’s hottest free agent. B-tch, I’m reincarnated.”

He also fired a shot directly at his accuser saying, “Gucci Witch you dirty b-tch” as he said that he is no Bill Cosby. “You got your 15 minutes girl. I ain’t mad at ya. Nothing but love for ya,” he also rapped in his unique and catchy voice.

In the process of the video, it looks like Enzo Amore’s funeral is taking place and he is buried in the middle of the desert by Real1 as well.

Enzo Amore hasn’t lost his sense of humor judging by the little video intro taking a shot at the Internet Wrestling Community and those who might have been quick to blame him.

He is obviously not a fan of “armchair detectives” and after a two-month hiatus from social media, he has a lot to say.

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