enzo amore

Enzo Amore was released from WWE earlier this year, and since then he’s been focusing on his rap career and other projects.

TMZ recently caught up with the former Cruiserweight Champion, and when he was asked what he’s been up to recently he revealed that he’s putting an album together.

“I’ve been working with some big names, on a big album. I’m not gonna give a date, but Rosemary’s Baby. My mother’s name is Rosemary and that makes me Rosemary’s baby. I’m dropping an album, I’m working on a ton of television content right now. Sitting on a lot of interesting things right now. It’s a very interesting time for me. New chapter.”

It sounds like Enzo is busy, but fans shouldn’t expect to see him return to the world of professional wrestling in the near future, because he claimed he’s done with the business.

“Not in a million years. There ain’t nobody that’s got enough money to put me back in the ring.”