At WrestleMania 38, Damian Priest appeared during Edge’s match with AJ Styles, and he went on to form an alliance with the Rated R Superstar. Edge & Priest later recruited Rhea Ripley and became collectively known as The Judgment Day.

After some time passed Finn Balor went on to join the group, but Balor, Priest and Ripley ended up turning on Edge and kicking him out of the group he started. During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Edge revealed that originally Finn Balor was supposed to be part of The Judgment Day for a year before everyone turned on the Hall of Famer.

“When we were doing Judgment Day, the plan was that Balor joins and about a year later, they all turn on me. Well, then I got to Hell in a Cell and it was like, no, we’re changing everything and we’re speeding up that year long process and he’s joining tomorrow and turning tomorrow, and it was just starting to find some legs, but it was going to be swimming upstream with me in it. It really was. I started to have that realization. It’s like, I don’t think they’re gonna get where they need to get to with me in this thing.

People know the real story and that was an instance where I did try and flip everything, change it all overnight, cut my hair off, change the music, and start coming out in suits. I tried changing everything and I realized at this stage, it’s not what they want, at least for me. They wanted to be able to cheer for this guy that they didn’t get for nine years.”

While things didn’t work out for Edge as the leader of The Judgment Day it’s safe to say that things have worked out quite well for the other members as the group continues to be one of the most featured acts on WWE programming.

H/T WrestleFeatures