dolph ziggler

There’s a reason why Dolph Ziggler’s Twitter handle is @heelziggler, because he loves playing the bad guy. He’s quite good at quick comebacks which is essential when dishing out the best response to the Twitter troglodytes he might encounter.

The Show Off has been trying out a new gimmick recently where he borrows from just about any Superstar from the past or present. He’s been at this for three weeks now and on the last episode of SmackDown Live, he impersonated Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and DX.

He had previously ripped off Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Naomi, Bayley, and more. It seems that his stance on how he feels about the fans might have softened since last week though as he had previously stated “I don’t give a damn about you either” and this week he only said, “I don’t care about you either.” So that’s some kind of progress.

When Dolph appeared as Shawn Michaels it might have rubbed some fans the wrong way. One fan stated to Ziggler: “Hey @HEELZiggler, we’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA…. Please Stop. #SDLive.” Dolph’s reply was pretty unique, to say the least.

He also responded to one fan who called him out for impersonating the Heartbreak Kid.

If you think you can get on Ziggler’s good side by being nice to him then you should think again.

One fan sent Dolph nothing but praise by saying: “Keep up the good work brotha. You’ve always been one of the top talents and one of my favorites.”

Either Ziggler didn’t believe them or he was just in the mood for a Block Party. For whatever reason, Dolph had a very short reply.

Who knows where this new gimmick is headed for Dolph Ziggler? Some people have assumed he might heading toward a feud with Bobby Roode because he’s been ripping on entrances and since The Glorious One has an amazing entrance he might be next in line.

But for now, we’ll just have to see where this leads. At least it’s good to know Ziggler seems to be having fun in the process.