dolph ziggler

Dolph Ziggler recently said that he will have to make a decision about his WWE future soon, and that’s why many fans were surprised to see him win the United States Championship at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view on Sunday.

Ziggler made his way to the ring on SmackDown Live this week for a celebration, but the celebration didn’t go the way that anyone expected it to.

Dolph ran down a list of all his big accomplishments in WWE, and he showed videos of some of the most important title wins from his WWE career. Then he stared at the US Title, folded it up, placed it in the ring and left the building.

There was no explanation in regards to why Ziggler left the belt in the ring, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing him on SmackDown Live for a little while.

PWInsider is reporting that the current plan is to keep Dolph Ziggler off of TV, so he won’t be appearing on upcoming episodes of SmackDown Live.

However, Ziggler is still scheduled to appear at upcoming live events.

As of right now it’s not known how long Ziggler will be off TV, or what will happen with the US Title while he’s away, but it will be interesting to see where this storyline goes from here.


  1. Who’s the new writer, because after all the junk they have done this is actually what i’d write for the guy! Aside form also having Ric Flair show up to manage Bobby Roode but turning on him to Manage Dolph.