Nic Nemeth (formerly known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE) is now a free agent, and he made his presence felt at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 earlier today. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was sitting ringside as he watched Jon Moxley, David Finlay and Will Ospreay compete in a triple threat match for the IWGP Global Championship.

Ultimately David Finlay won the match and afterward he got in Nic Nemeth’s face. Nic Nemeth later responded by attacking Finlay at the post-show press conference, and after the attack he grabbed the IWGP Global Championship then said the following:

“Professional wrestling is about honor, and believing in yourself, and something bigger than you, a championship. (It) means that you are the one with, the entire company, the world on your back.

“This title, this brand new championship, this global championship means more to me and I’ve never even been here. You wanna be a champion, you wanna be a leader, you stand up for what’s right and you set an example for the rest of the world. You want to be the best? Back it up. If you’re not, I’m going to stomp on your a** and take this championship to the top where it belongs…

“I’m sorry. It’s one thing to use underhanded tactics or do whatever it takes to win and I get that, but Finlay is a spoiled child. If I see him here, in the United States, out on the streets, I’m gonna do what’s right. This championship is going to mean something.

“This global championship is what separates winners from losers, followers from leaders. If I ever get a chance, and I don’t know that I will, but if I get a chance I will lay everything on the line just to show the world that this championship should be the pinnacle of success… I apologise, I’m so sorry, I don’t even work here.”

It seems that Nic Nemeth has his eyes set on becoming IWGP Global Champion, but there’s currently no word on when he might end up challenging for the title. Stay tuned for updates.