dolph ziggler

The next match isn’t one that fans really asked for. WWE is doing their best to turn Dolph Ziggler into an effective heel, and for that matter so is Dolph. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite working out like they would have preferred. He’s hit people with chairs and done some pretty heelish things, therefore since he likes to boast, Dolph was placed in a handicapped match against his two targets: Kalisto and Apollo Crews.

However, Kalisto didn’t even make it to the ring before he was jumped from behind by Ziggler and sent into the entrance set. That’s one way to turn this into a one-on-one match. Dolph got some serious heat from the get-go, which is good.

Apollo Crews tried to get the upper hand, but Dolph’s veteran experience gave him the advantage. Crews found himself grounded and in the corner as Dolph pressed his knee against his skull. Ziggler hit Crews with a “Rude Awakening” looking move and got a two-count.

Dolph Ziggler hit a grounded Apollo Crews with one of those beautiful standing elbow drops to the back that he does so well. Crews rolled Ziggler up with a school-boy but it didn’t work as Dolph returned the move with a stiff forearm uppercut that sent Apollo to the mat.

With Crews still grounded Dolph Ziggler locked in a rear chin lock and slowed the pace down. Apollo tried to roll the move into a pin, but Ziggler kept the hold on tightly. Apollo made it to his feet and got some space between them but Dolph Ziggler came right back with a kick. Crews sent Dolph against the ropes and attempted to gain the upper hand but Dolph hit Crews with a swinging neckbreaker.

Then Kalisto started to limp back to the ring. He really sold that back injury as the referee pleaded with him to go backstage. The distraction was enough and Apollo hit Dolph with an enziguri. Kalisto got back in the ring and hit him with a springboard seated senton, then Kalisto got the tag to Apollo (apparently this is a tag match). Crews hit Dolph with his finisher and beat Ziggler.

Ziggler loses this one, but he got his heat back by hitting both of his opponents with cheap shots after the match. He wrapped Crews’ left foot in a chair and stomped on the chair. Crews sold the move pretty well as he rolled around the ring in agony. Then, Dolph did the same thing again.

Heel Ziggler lives!