If you are a regular listener of wrestling podcasts — e.g. The Steve Austin Show, Talk Is Jericho — then you have undoubtedly heard your fair share of commercials about DDP Yoga. It prolongs careers, it saves lives, and so forth. If you have never tried DDP Yoga, I can understand your reluctance to hearing all of this advertising. I can personally vouch for DDP Yoga being great for one’s health, as someone that regularly started a DDP Yoga plan, but that is not what needs to be talked about. What needs to be discussed is the new DDP’s Video Alarm Clock app.

A free app, one does not have to do yoga — or be a subscriber of DDP Yoga — to download this app. As the name “DDP’s Video Alarm Clock” would suggest, this app is simply an alarm clock. It is available for both Android and Apple devices, smartphones and tablets. It does not have advertising in it. Sure, it exists to promote DDP Yoga, but it is simply there as a wake-up tool.

Simple to use, this app only requires you to set the time of your wake-up. You can choose the frequency of the alarm, whether your alarm is for a “power nap,” whether you are fine with “R-Rated” content for your wake-ups, what you want the layout of the app to look like, and whether a “snooze” option should be offered to you. There is also a red button within the app marked “Inspire Me” in which Diamond Dallas Page dispenses inspirational quotes.

Back to the video alarm clock, the wake-up messages are all over the place, and in a good way. Some of them simply have DDP yelling at you to wake up. Some of them may remind you of something that Tim and Eric would have created for Adult Swim’s Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!. One of the videos has DDP goofing around with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Not intended to be a spoiler, but one of the videos may include DDP tap-dancing. Per the aforementioned “snooze” button, if you don’t permit it within the app’s options, then you ought to enjoy what happens when you attempt to press it.

While this app does not provide the most relaxing of circumstances to wake up to, it provides video content that ought to inspire you for a day of pushing towards your goals. It may sound like sensory overload, but waking up to something humorous and positive ought to be more pleasant than a buzzing radio alarm, a hotel call from the front desk, or a standard iPhone ringtone. The goal is to get you out of bed, and that is what DDP’s Video Alarm Clock aims to do.

As a bonus, if you are an existing DDP Yoga app subscriber, the DDP’s Video Alarm Clock app does lets you transition from wake-up to work-out in one press of the screen. It serves as an excellent reminder that exercise can be the best way to start off your day.