Shane McMahon returned to WWE during the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, and he’s been making headlines as of late ever since it was reported that he was quietly let go following the event.

Fightful Select reports that Shane McMahon specifically wanted to enter the Royal Rumble in a spot that would highlight him. One source even mentioned that Shane McMahon pitched the idea of him entering in the number one spot. However, Vince McMahon personally decided that he would be making changes to the match, and wouldn’t be using much of what Shane had laid out.

When Vince McMahon learned about Shane’s plans for the Royal Rumble match he wasn’t happy about them, and neither was Brock Lesnar, but Shane was insistent on seeing them through which ultimately didn’t end up happening.

It’s also being reported that Shane McMahon was supposed to enter at number 29 and Randy Orton at number 28, but that got reversed. Those close to the situation noted that Shane McMahon reacted hastily, but Orton pretty well informed him that he would not be entering to Shane McMahon’s entrance theme, so he should probably go out when his number was called.