dean ambrose

Dean Ambrose may be on his way out of WWE, but for the last several years the company has pushed him as one of their top stars, so he’s been able to make quite the name for himself.

Ambrose is familiar to millions of people all over the world, and sometimes fans go out of their way to get his autograph.

The former WWE Champion recently appeared on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and he shared a story about fans who unexpectedly showed up at his gate after he got off a flight in Newark.

“One time, when I was first dating my now-wife, she lived in New York and sometimes, on the day off, we’d spend some time at her house, some time at my house depending on where in the country we were. So one time, I change my flight to go to New York. I didn’t change it, I bought a new prime flight completely unrelated to the company travel. And when I landed in Newark, as soon as I got to the gate, there were like ten people there with all this Dean Ambrose stuff for me to sign. And for a second, I just woke up from the plane and I’m like, do I have a show today? What’s going on? I thought I was going home? And I sign all their stuff and then I’m sitting in baggage claim, and I’m like, how do they know I was gonna be here?”

Ambrose went on to say that he asked one of the fans how they knew he was going to be at the airport, and the fan explained that they have a whole system in place.

“It was an autonomous decision by myself to buy my own new flight. How did they know? Because you hear there’s leaks in the travel department, but I just did this on my own, so they have leaks in the airlines! And then this dude came up to me in baggage claim with some stuff, and he’s like, ‘Hey dude, I’m not trying to bother you dude, I’ll give you $50 to sign these few things. I went, ‘Keep your money, I’ll sign these things for you but tell me how you knew I was here.’ And he goes, ‘Oh dude, we got like a whole system. Dude, we got a whole system and we got people everywhere.'”

H/T Wrestling Inc.