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If you’re here reading this that most likely means you’re a pro wrestling fan, and if you’re a pro wrestling fan then you’re probably well aware that this form of entertainment isn’t always accepted by the general public. When it comes to professional wrestling, some people just don’t get it, and it appears that David Crosby is one of those people.

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Crosby recently took to Twitter and he threw some major shade at pro wrestling fans when he wrote, “WWF to those of us who can read and write is Word With Friends Not wrestling.” Ouch, you have to admit that was a pretty brutal burn, but also a pretty ignorant generalization of wrestling fans in general.

As you can see Crosby couldn’t be any more out of touch with the professional wrestling world, as WWF changed its name to WWE in 2002. Another thing Crosby doesn’t seem to understand is that you don’t want to piss off pro wrestling fans, because they will make your life miserable on social media. A few months ago the bassist of Kings of Leon found this out the hard way.

Matt Hardy responded to the tweet and he noted that it’s outdated, so he suggested that David Crosby delete it.

Of course Matt wasn’t the only one to respond, as Crosby is also suffering the wrath of pro wrestling fans.


Good luck David Crosby. It’s probably going to be a while before the wrestling community leaves you alone.

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  1. This just weeks after he tried to talk down about punk rock and Riot Fest on Twitter. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you. . . David Crosby in. . . Old Man Trying To Stay Relevant.

  2. Evidently Mr. Crosby does not know how much Wrestlers make and how much fans spend. And the WWF he his dissing has been WWE for over a decase