david arquette

David Arquette isn’t just an actor, he’s also a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. At one point WCW gave Arquette the belt, and his title win is still viewed as one of the moments that killed WCW.

Arquette recently spoke to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling about winning the WCW World Title, and he clearly understands the legacy of his title win, but he noted that he likes to think of himself as the only fan who became champion.

“Yeah I know. The problem with that is I’m used as the example of like this decision was worse than when David Arquette got the belt. I’m always like the example and I’m the joke in a sense and I get it. I like to think of myself as the only fan that became a champion. I totally understand that other wrestlers were fans but they are professional wrestlers too, I am literally man on the street and became the champion. I don’t know how I am going to prove myself in the wrestling world and I’m going to have to do something at some point just to bring some respect to my name.”

Each year a celebrity is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the company recently announced that this year Kid Rock will be getting inducted. When asked if Kid Rock’s induction possibly opens the door for him to be inducted someday, Arquette said that it’s not his place to decide.

“I think and I totally approve of Kid Rock and he’s got that whole vibe that is right but he was never the Champion. That’s not my place to say that I should be in it or whatever but I was going through a divorce at the time (of RAW) so I was a little crazy and I had lost my voice and I took it upon myself to put down New Orleans (which I love that city) but I was just kind of playing the heel for a moment because I get it to get the crowd to hate you. But it was amazing to get put through a table by Randy Orton, I love that stuff and to me that was a fun opportunity and I really respect what WWE has done and the whole business and the history and what Vince McMahon’s done in general with that business is just remarkable because they are super-smart. The whole family being involved I love all of that. So I am just good doing my thing and I’d love to be included in the world a little and I’ve been asked and I always find that a little hard to do because it is kind of odd but I like meeting the fans and I like all that so some point it will make sense to do something that might bring me back into the world a little more.”