talking smack

Daniel Bryan celebrated the one year anniversary of his retirement this week, which had to be bittersweet, as it’s well known that Bryan didn’t want to retire, but WWE doctors wouldn’t clear him for in ring competition.

The SmackDown General Manager has history with The Miz, and the two have been feuding ever since Bryan arrived in WWE. The feud has continued despite the fact that Daniel Bryan is no longer an active competitor, and The Miz has been throwing verbal jabs at Bryan because he knows there’s nothing the former World Champion can do about it.

It certainly doesn’t look like Bryan will be getting in the ring anytime soon, as he was recently a guest on the Gorilla Position podcast, and when he was asked if he will ever return to the ring he noted that if you ask WWE then the answer they will give is a firm “no.”

However, Bryan noted that although a return is unlikely, he also said that you can “never say never.”

“As far as I know, no. You know the one thing about this, in any form of entertainment or fighting, or sport, is ‘never say, never,’ right? I keep going to different things and I keep working on the doctor standpoint of it, ‘Okay, is there anything that I can do more to get cleared?’ and right now I’ve done everything I can possibly do, and so, but I still look at different things and still look at this and that.”

Daniel Bryan was made to be a professional wrestler and it’s unfortunate that he’s no longer able to do what he loves because what he loves to do happens to have wrecked his body. Looking back on his career Bryan reflected on his time with WWE and he made it clear that he’s grateful that he got to wrestle in front of thousands of people every night.

“You know, It’s- I dunno, it’s an unfortunate scenario to me, but at the same time, I’m very grateful for the amount of time I that had being able to do this. WWE gave me this amazing platform to be able to go out like – the most people, I wrestling in front of like 30,000 people for New Japan, but I was like on the undercard. But most of the times in the United States I’d wrestle in front of a couple hundred people. Like, this was an opportunity to wrestle in front of thousands.”