darby allin

The wrestling world has been buzzing about CM Punk as of late because it’s rumored that the former WWE Champion is AEW bound. Neither AEW nor Punk have confirmed that he’s joined the company, but there’s speculation that he could be appearing at one of the upcoming events in Chicago.

Last week on AEW Dynamite there were seemingly multiple references to CM Punk, and Darby Allin did a backstage interview where he said that AEW is the place for wrestlers to prove themselves, “even if you think you’re the best in the world.”

Allin did a virtual meet and greet with The Asylum Wrestling Store, and during the meet and greet he denied that he was referencing CM Punk.

“No, that’s more Sammy Guevara [we were alluding to] because he calls himself the best ever. Yeah, well people read into it too much. Sammy Guevara, [he] calls himself the best ever so… It’s cool dude. It’s awesome that people actually care and wanna know what’s going on so…”

Stay tuned for more updates on CM Punk’s status with AEW as they become available.

H/T Post Wrestling