cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has been one of the driving forces behind All Elite Wrestling ever since the inception of the company, and before the company was officially announced things started to fall into place at the 2018 All In pay-per-view.

The FITE TV Twitter account recently promoted the All In pay-per-view, and a fan responded saying that the event “birthed the abomination that is AEW.”

Cody Rhodes didn’t shy away from the remark, as he responded to the fan with the following:

“I mean this day bettered the wrestling economy and QOL standards for an entire industry, so no matter which way you shake it…a great day in our history. (Not unlike the days Dream had those 3 initials on your mask white hot and fans got better wrestling and the boys got rich)”

The fan fired back saying that it remains to be seen whether or not AEW will be good for the industry, and Cody noted that other wrestling companies have already had to up their financial commitments to talents.