cody rhodes

WWE made a big announcement on Monday when the company confirmed that Starrcade will be returning in November. WWE will be using the name that was once associated with WCW for a live event, and Cody Rhodes had an interesting reaction when Starrcade was announced.

Starrcade is an event that’s close to Cody’s heart, because it was created by his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

Cody’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed, as Michael Hayes actually responded to Cody’s advice telling him that he should put Goldust on the show, and Hayes invited Cody to appear at Starrcade and wrestle in a tag team match with his brother.

Goldust seems to like the idea, and he suggested The Hardys as potential opponents.

Goldust isn’t the only one who thinks the tag team match is a good idea, as Matt Hardy told Michael Hayes to make it happen.

Hardy even took things one step further when he suggested that Cody Rhodes should bring The Young Bucks with him.

As of this writing Cody has yet to respond, but it looks like the ball is in his court.