Elimination Chamber aired live from Australia on Saturday and Austin Theory introduced Grayson Waller who came out to host the Grayson Waller Effect with Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes as guests.

Waller asked Seth Rollins about the Elimination Chamber match and who he wants to face at WrestleMania. Seth said that he doesn’t know who he will face, but he has a scoop for Waller. Rollins told everyone that he is just days away from being medically cleared to compete, so whoever faces him at WrestleMania doesn’t stand a chance.

Then Grayson Waller addressed Cody Rhodes and brought up how The Rock vs. Roman Reigns would have been the biggest match of all time. The fans booed. Cody said he’s a fan of The Rock, then joked that if The Rock were there he would likely call him a candy something, or say something about pie. The American Nightmare then asked if there were any Cody Crybabies at Elimination Chamber and the fans cheered then chanted “Cody!”

Grayson Waller said The Rock is The People’s Champion. Cody told him that might have been true at one point, but if you want to be The People’s Champion you have to actually be around the people. The American Nightmare then said he has an announcement to make. He said he’s busy at WrestleMania with Roman Reigns, but then Cody called out The Rock and said that he wants to wrestle him one on one any time, any place. The fans chanted “now!”

Seth Rollins stood up and said it’s time to cut the head off the snake once and for all. The Visionary said he admires Cody’s challenge to The Rock, but there’s no such thing as one on one when it comes to The Bloodline. Rollins told Cody when The Rock takes him up on his challenge he won’t be fighting his battle alone.