kenny omega

After weeks of hype and anticipation, Kenny Omega officially confirmed on Thursday night that he signed a full time contract with All Elite Wrestling.

As Kenny was making his way to the podium, a graphic appeared on the bottom of the screen that listed Omega as an Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling. Between Omega, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, the company now has four Executive Vice Presidents.

After the Double Or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party on Thursday, Cody Rhodes spoke to the media about how the EVP role will work with four people in the position, and he said that it’s still being figured out.

“We’re gonna figure it out, what it is exactly, but I was really excited for [Kenny],” Rhodes said via Wrestling Inc. “That was a big piece of this. People think that might be silly but no, because in 1990-whatever certain collaborations didn’t work? This is a different group, we’re friends and we’re interested in giving the modern star a start with us. I think everyone here has the best intentions. I’m probably the one with the worst intentions but [The Elite] levels me out. And if you look at All In, it was the same thing. Kenny was a big part of that and he didn’t get the credit for it. So now he’ll get all the credit because we all have the same title and I think that’s great. I couldn’t share that with better dudes.”

After Kenny Omega finished his speech, Chris Jericho made his way to the podium and they brawled, hinting at an Omega vs. Jericho rematch for Double Or Nothing on May 25.

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