Karyn Bryant recently interviewed CM Punk for UFC Tonight where he addressed criticism over the fact that he hasn’t fought yet. You can check out the full interview above and read a quote below.

“I definitely don’t want to wait too long. I understand all the criticism, you know here I am, you’re interviewing me, they’re making me do a lot of media. Eventually it’s like “Oh we’re sick of hearing you talk about it, shut up and fight.” But I do think it’s about the journey. We’re filming the journey. I think there’s enough hours in the can so they can have a few episodes to air on FOX. I think everybody’s going to be happy. I’m not in a hurry. I want to make sure I’m fully prepared. I’m not playing a scrimmage football game, I’m not playing a pick up ice hockey game. I’m getting in that cage and I’m getting in there to fight another human being. In order to make sure I’m that guy that wins, I’ve got to be ready.”