cm punk

CM Punk and Colt Cabana have been wrapped up in legal issues ever since Punk opened up about his WWE departure on the Art of Wrestling podcast a few years ago, and it looks like things are about to get even more complicated.

PWInsider is reporting that CM Punk filed a counter-suit in response to Colt Cabana’s lawsuit against him on 6/18 in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois.

Cabana filed a lawsuit against CM Punk in August of 2018 alleging that Punk broke contract in regards to the unpaid legal fees from the lawsuit that WWE physician Doctor Chris Amann filed against both of them.

Colt Cabana claims that CM Punk told him he would be covered financially during the lawsuit, but Cabana later had to hire his own lawyer after he and Punk had a falling out. Cabana is arguing that Punk should reimburse him for the legal fees he incurred after Punk’s team was no longer handling his side of the suit.

Punk is seeking $600,000 from Colt in the counter-suit.

The latest version of Colt Cabana’s lawsuit is the third version, and it was filed on 5/21. The suit is seeking reimbursement of $200,000 in Colton’s personal legal costs, as well as additional damages.

Punk’s counter-suit states he spent of $1.2 million on legal bills, and that Colt didn’t contribute anything towards “attorney’s fees and expenses incurred” in the legal battle with Amann and that he Colton “refused to contribute monies.”

The suit also notes “Colton’s unjust retention of the benefits of receiving a high-quality, professional legal defense through the Loeb Firm paid for solely by Brooks without any reimbursement of Brooks violated fundamental principles of justice, equality, and good conscience.”

Colt’s side must respond to the suit by 7/3.