CM Punk made his long awaited return to professional wrestling when he joined AEW a few months ago, and the former WWE Champion picked up a win over Eddie Kingston at Full Gear last weekend.

During the AEW Full Gear post-show media scrum CM Punk said that he thinks AEW gives fans a variety of different things, and that every fan who loves pro wrestling can find something to love about the show. He then went on to talk about AEW’s fanbase while noting that he doesn’t think that casual wrestling fans exist anymore.

“I definitely think there’s overlap. I don’t know if everybody who was a WWE fan came over here specifically just to watch me but what I recognize in front of an AEW audience is an audience that I used to wrestle in front of prior to coming to the WWE. They’re wrestling fans you know, and I will never understand the criticism of appealing to your fan base. If this is our fan base, give them what they want and everybody’s happy.

Now I understand building a business, people talk about trying to get casuals here, I don’t think there’s casual wrestling fans anymore. My opinion, maybe I’m wrong and maybe somebody at TNT is going to get mad because I’m saying this and am of this opinion but our fans are wrestling fans and we give them wrestling.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.