cm punk

It’s been five years since CM Punk parted ways with WWE, but still fans ask him about a possible return to the world of professional wrestling each and every day.

Punk gets a lot of questions about wrestling, so he decided to flip the script on Twitter recently when he asked fans who are unhappy why they spend so much time on something they hate.

“Since I can’t have fun and tweet about movies or baseball without you telling me about rasslin’, question for you: Why do you spend your time on something you hate? If it’s soooooo bad, leave it. I did. Works wonders. I look forward to the intelligent discourse.”

One fan caught Punk’s attention when they said, “It’s called passion and holding out hope that something that used to be epic will be that way again.”

To which Punk replied, “It’s called Stockholm syndrome.”

After Punk responded with the “Stockholm syndrome” comment, someone else chimed in and joked that the comment meant he’s confirmed for an AEW show in Sweden. Punk responded with the following:

“Wrong. I’m the new GM of the Bezos Writeoffs, as soon as the Rays move to Seattle.”