For years Claudio Castagnoli competed in WWE as Cesaro, but his contract expired months ago and he decided to part ways with the company. Rumors of Claudio’s impending AEW debut started making the rounds, and he officially joined the company when he wrestled his first match for All Elite Wrestling at Forbidden Door back in June.

Since then Claudio has found success as a singles competitor and he managed to win the ROH World Championship. During a recent appearance on the Kurt Angle Show, Claudio talked about his WWE departure and noted that he was looking to do something different.

“I’m always happy and grateful, but I also kinda knew where I was thought of. So, I was just looking for something different. When I look at AEW. there’s so many guys that I want to be in the ring with that I haven’t necessarily been in the ring with.”

Claudio also praised fellow AEW stars such as Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta while indicating that he thinks the future is bright for the up and comers.

“Those guys, they’re like 24 years old. It’s insane. Imagine how good they’re gonna be when they’re 30. There’s so many young people there that I was like ‘this is amazing. I want to be part of that.’ You’re only as good as your last match and you need to be doing stuff with people that push you and are better than you. I want to wrestle those young guys and I want to see if I still got it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.