Christopher Daniels was recently a guest on The Shoot, which can be heard here and starts at the 1 hour mark. Here are some highlights from the 30 minute interview:

Dixie Carter and if she’s changed since becoming a bigger focus of the TV show as a heel:

“My opinion is that she’s always been the same. I mean i feel like because she’s taken on the responsibility of being a character on the show, she’s a little more stressed out maybe cause there’s a little more responsibility rather than just her going out there and sort of being herself like she’s going out there and portraying a character. There’s a lot of effort, a lot of stuff going around when she became this character and there’s a lot of pressure for her to perform, so i think that effects you in certain ways. But she hasn’t changed in a negative way in that respect. She’s just got a lot of pressure on her now to perform and sort of hang with guys who have been doing this for a lot longer than her. It’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, to go in there and sort of get some story lines across with a lot of the big guys. I think she’s got a good group of people working for her and she’s working hard to get as much done for the company as she can.”

TNA using cheap finishes regularly in World title matches:

“I don’t think it’s an idea where oh well here’s a world title match lets dilute it down with wacky finishes. I think whenever they use it the mentality is that there’s a reason they’re trying to get a specific response from the fan base at that point. They have their reasons for doing these things. Do they always translate to the viewers? Maybe not. But i mean like i said before they’re making their decisions and they have a certain mindset, they have a certain goal that they’re trying to reach and the message that they’re trying to reach that goal with, whether they reach it or not is i guess up to the fan base. If the fan base is turning off the television when they see these things going on i mean that’s the message to send. But that’s up to the fans at that point to say well we’re not going to put up with this, we want to see something different. Let your voices be heard.”