Christian may no longer be active in the ring, but he had a long career and throughout his career he had a lot of interesting moments on his way to the top.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently appeared on Prime Time with Sean Mooney, and he shared some stories about his pro wrestling journey. During the podcast Christian opened up about his first meeting with Goldust, and he was honest when he explained that it didn’t go very well.

“There wasn’t even a show in Toronto, but WWE wrestlers had a layover, and we went into this bar. There were a bunch of guys there, one of them being Goldust. I thought this was my opportunity to let him know that I was in the fraternity, one of the boys. So, I give him a nudge on the shoulder, and he turns around. He’s like “Hey,” and I’m like “Hey, man.” I thought I was being really cool, and I went “Kayfabe.” He’s just staring at me. I put my hand up and said “It’s okay, I’m a worker.” He then goes “Oh, cool,” and turns back around and finishes the conversation [he was having prior]. So, I was thinking that didn’t quite go down how I expected it. I’m about to walk away, and he grabs me by the arm, and asks me what my wrestling name is. I said, “I wrestle as Christian Cage,” and he told me that he’d keep an eye out for me.”

Their first meeting didn’t go so well, but both Superstars ended up working together, and Christian said that Goldust was a little concerned when he shared the story with him years later.

“Fast forward all these years and we’re working together in WWF. I tell him the story in front of a bunch of guys, and we’re all laughing. After everyone had left, he was like “Was I a dick to you?” He was concerned that he was mean to me, and I said, “Listen, if the roles were reversed you were a lot nicer to me than I would be to you.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcription.