It’s crazy to think how Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega started all of this on Twitter and it was an amazing build. Jericho said he was inspired by the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather build to their big boxing match and wanted to duplicate that magic. It was pretty entertaining leading up to the big match announcement because it certainly sparked my attention enough to report on it.

The shock of seeing Chris Jericho pop up on the screen after Omega’s match against Beretta at NJPW’s Power Struggle was a huge mark-out moment for me. As I watched it live I thought to myself how Jericho might show up but quickly dismissed the thought out of sheer lunacy. But it happened and the match is set for Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Reports are Chris Jericho might be back with WWE within the same month as his big match against Omega. But only time will tell on that one. However, it certainly looks like Chris Jericho is getting into amazing shape in preparation for his big match against The Cleaner.

Y2J recently posted this impressive selfie on Instagram showing his ripped physique. If he keeps this up he might be in the best shape of his life very soon if he’s not already there.

Jericho was celebrating his 47th year on this earth and looked absolutely incredible. Kenny Omega needs to bring his A-Game because Chris Jericho certainly looks like he’s not sleeping on this challenge.


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Jericho was celebrating his 47th birthday and although he didn’t mention Kenny Omega, he cut a nice little promo on his Instagram while on tour with Fozzy as he thanked the fans for all the well-wishes.

He seems tired but touring like a rock star can do that to you. With the bass you can hear in the background from the green room (literally) that Jericho is recording in I’m sure his blood will be pumping as soon as the adrenaline-inducing guitars of Fozzy fill his eardrums.