chris jericho

Chris Jericho signed with All Elite Wrestling a few months ago, but for most of his career Jericho was thought of as a WWE guy.

Jericho was the first ever Undisputed Champion after all, and he ended up defending the title against Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania 18.

The Fozzy frontman spoke to Inside The Ropes about the main event match, and he revealed why he’s never watched it while also revealing that he was disappointed with it.

“Let’s be honest, [it was] a main event in the fact that it was on last, but the main event of the show was Hogan and Rock and I knew it. And it was actually most of the people pitching to have their match on last. I was pitching [for Triple H and I] not to go on last because I said, ‘How do you follow Hogan and Rock?’ And Triple H, and probably rightfully so, was fighting for the title match to be last but we couldn’t follow it. We just couldn’t and you could just see the air go out of the room. That’s a match, I’ve never watched it back I remember being kind of disappointed in it. Main event at WrestleMania?”

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H/T Wrestling Inc