chris jericho

Chris Jericho is currently a member of the AEW roster, but he was a very hot topic in the wrestling world over the weekend as his interview with Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions premiered.

Fans can always count on Jericho to share some interesting stories about his time in WWE, and during the episode he talked about a promo that he cut one night after SmackDown went off the air.

According to the former WWE Champion he got a little too excited and ended up dropping a huge F-bomb in front of the live crowd.

“And in those days – as you know, we did it countless times – you grab the microphone and you would say a promo for the fans after the show was done, you’d always leave them with something extra. So I grabbed the mic and I remember the crowd was going crazy and it was such a great moment. Did I just say that? And I look over at Jerry Lawler and he was like (nods head), ‘Yeah, you said it, you just said the ‘F’ word.’ Probably nobody cared, but this is WWE… I go to the back and Vince is standing there (imitates McMahon) ‘Come here, pal (shakes hand)’, and like a moron I go, ‘Didn’t you hear what I said out there?’ ‘(Vince) What did you say?’ ‘(Jericho) Ummm, nothing’ (Vince) What did you say?’ ‘I said the best effin’ crowd’. He was like, ‘Ughh, Jericho’ and he walked out and I stood there, like, ‘No!'”

H/T Sportskeeda